Segment Moulds Formwork for bridges and tunnels


Segment Moulds Formwork for bridges

This type of formwork is used for the production of concrete segments used for the construction of bridges.

Segment Moulds Formwork for tunnels

This type of formwork is used in tunnels dug with the cutter. TFI supplies the complete set of formwork to make a complete ring of prefabricated elements.

TFI supplies the entire extraction system of the prefabricated formwork segment from the formwork with mechanical-hydraulic tipper systems or wind systems.

Carousel systems
TFI is able to supply a complete turnkey system for the series production of precast concrete segments. The classic supply consists of:
- Various formwork for the production of the concrete segments which are automatically fed by a hopper that completes the concrete casting
- Automatic system that moves the formworks in the different working positions
- Automatic system that positions the formworks in the ripening oven
- Maturation oven with all the necessary tools to ensure the correct maturation of the concrete
- Extraction system of the cement product matured from the formwork and positioning automatically in the storage area.

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