Rough terrain crane GRIL 52.47 - Locatelli (47t)

Rough terrain crane GRIL 52.47 is the golden mean in the line of Locatelli off-road cranes (Italy). GRIL 52.47 rough base autorun delivers productivity, agility and performance without compromise.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 47 tonnes the GRIL 52.47 truck crane is a 4-wheel off-road vehicle capable of tackling the most demanding lifting applications.
The range of tasks solved by this all-terrain crane meets the most demanding criteria that can only be presented to modern lifting equipment.

Fields of application of the GRIL 52.47 all-terrain truck crane

Truck crane GRIL 52.47 has proven itself excellent:

- When loading and unloading operations in various areas of industry, in warehouses and logistics centers, ports and railway junctions, in various industries, in metallurgy and heavy engineering - where it is necessary to quickly, efficiently and accurately move significant loads.
- Road construction, when erecting power lines, laying pipelines and other communications - where it is necessary to perform work in difficult field conditions at remote sites.
- In civil and industrial construction, especially in the installation of modular structures and prefabricated objects, work in the housing sector.
Especially all-terrain crane GRIL 52.47 is in demand if work needs to be done in hard-to-reach or confined spaces.

Technical data of the GRIL 52.47 hoisting crane

Capacity 47 tonnes CE
52 tons @85%
Max boom length 32.1 m
Max boom height 34.1 - 50.7 m
No. of axles 2
Drive / steer 4x4x4
Tyres 16.00x25
Max. power 119 kW at 2.200 rpm,
Max. torque 732 Nm at 1.400 rpm
Travelling speed 37 km/h
Dimensions 12.24 (L) x 2.50 (W) x 3.47 (H) m
Total weight 29.9 tons

Advantages of the GRIL 52.47 ATV truck crane

Excellent performance, "crab drive", the function of moving with the load («Take and carry»), excellent maneuverability even in confined spaces are an operational advantage in comparison with analogues.

Modern technology and reliability - these are the main criteria in the production of off-road crane GRIL 52.47 Locatelli.

Telescopic boom of the GRIL 52.47 truck crane
The hydraulically actuated, proportional extension, four-section telescopic boom has a range of 10.1–32.3 m.
The boom can be extended with a 9 meter jib.
The boom is lifted by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder with a safety valve.
Winch system with hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox.
The boom pivot system is capable of 360 ° rotation.

Crane control system
Hydraulic joysticks are integrated in the armrests of the operator’s seat for independent or simultaneous crane control while driving. Electrical switches to control outriggers, winch speed and boom swing.

Security Control Systems
LMI (Load Torque Indicator) system with 8 ’’ color touch screen with customizable graphics.
Crane blocking system with acoustic and visual signaling in case of dangerous overloads. Boom angle and extension control. Pressure sensors on the lift cylinder.
Automatic recognition of outrigger configuration.
Hook trigger limiting device.

Operator’s booth
The operator’s cab is made of steel sheets reinforced with stiffeners. The cab is placed on an elastic suspension on the left side of the boom. Wide safety glasses for panoramic views, opening from front and back. Ergonomic sliding seat that is adjustable in height, depth and weight of the operator.
Safety belt. Heating system.

High tensile steel construction
The entire structure of the GRIL 52.47 truck crane is made of high-strength steel and reinforced with stiffeners.

Front axle: leading with steering, differential planetary gear, rigidly fixed to the base frame.
Rear: Lead with steering, differential planetary gear, articulated to the frame for use in off-road or locking mode.

Electro-hydraulically controlled Powershift with power shift in 6 forward and 6 reverse gears.

Diesel, turbo intercooler, electronically controlled, adjustable water cooling. Dry air filter with safety cartridge and clogging indicator.

Four hydraulic outriggers with horizontal cylinders and jack valve jacks. Three positions of authirger: 0%, 50% and 100%. Easy change of position. Controls and indicators in the cockpit.

Front: hydraulic steering wheel.
Rear: hydraulically driven, independent of the front axle, with wheel alignment.
Electrical switch for speed range control with automatic engagement of 2 or 4 wheel drive.
Four steering modes: front wheels only, rear wheels only, synchronized, crab steering.

Working / Emergency: A double independent pneumatic circuit, controlled by a pedal, acts on all wheels.
Parking: with a spring cylinder, for all wheels.

The GRIL 52.47 All Terrain Crane has excellent performance and unique performance while being a maneuverable SUV.

Reliability, workmanship, safety and ease of use - all this makes short-base truck GRIL 52.47 one of the best examples of modern European lifting equipment.

Buy a rough terrain crane GRIL 52.47 or get technical advice, you can contact the company «Interbudtechnica».

We are official dealer of Locatelli in Ukraine.

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