Mini crane SPX312 - Jekko

Mini crane SPX312 Jekko - compact, maneuverable, universal mini crane for lifting loads up to 1200 kg

Self-propelled mini crane SPX312 Jekko is a versatile crawler crane, both for open construction sites and for any interior work. Due to its modest weight, mini crane SPX312 Jekko is used to perform work on the floors of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. It is able to pass through a standard doorway when folded. Small-sized construction, all kinds of work on glazing of buildings - the range of tasks solved by SPX312 Jekko manipulator crane is quite high.

Mini crane SPX312 Jekko

• Maximum lifting capacity - 1.2 ton
• Maximum height - 10.7 meters
• Boom telescoping 2.2 - 9.6 meters
• Dimensions - 2.79 m (L) x 0.77 m (W) x 1.60 m (H)
• Crane Weight - 1,8 ton
• Boom - circular rotation 280°

Mini crane SPX312 is optimal in terms of the ratio of dimensions/weight and lifting capacity in the line telescopic mini cranes on tracks Jekko (Italy).

Rubber tracks allow mini crane SPX312 to work indoors without leaving marks, low dead weight allows you to work on the floors of ordinary buildings.

SPX312 Jekko Mini Crane Technical Features

The boom can be fitted with various jib options
- Built-in radio-controlled hydraulic jib.
- Mechanical jib with manual control with a lifting capacity of 400 kg.
- Jib extension with a lifting capacity of 800 kg, allowing to work both in pulley mode and in hook mode.
- The crane can work in winch mode.

Glass vacuum arm
- Radio-controlled vacuum manipulator for glass with a loading capacity of 600 kg. Allows you to easily perform assembly of glass structures, glass, move various flat panels.

Plug & Play Tools
- Automatic system for detecting installed accessories.

Remote control
- Remote control panel with large electronic display allows radio control of both boom and crane movement.

Electronic LMI (Load Moment Indicator)
- LMI system prevents overloading or overturning of the crane.
- Automatic control of crane stability.
- Convenient display with all the necessary information.
- Function Plug & Play - automatic fault diagnosis.
- Compliance with safety requirements EN13000.

Yamaha gasoline engine
- The Yamaha MZ360 7.6 kW engine unleaded petrol fuel can significantly reduce fuel costs.

Power pack
It can be equipped with a single-phase or three-phase power pack for indoor operation. At the same time, the mini crane model operates on conventional or lithium batteries.

Sliding tracks
Sliding independent caterpillars mini crane SPX312 Jekko in the assembled state reduce the dimensions, and when extended, they allow increasing stability and controllability.

Two outriggers positions
The stabilization area of the mini crane with the outriggers open is only 3.7 x 3.7 m.In addition, the outriggers have two positions, which allows the stabilization area to be varied.

Winter kit
An option that allows the crane to operate at low temperature conditions.

The complete set of mini crane SPX312 Jekko can be selected depending on the tasks and conditions in which it will be used.

Construction mini crane SPX312 Jekko - scope

Jekko SPX312 mini crane offers significant advantages in the field of low-rise construction, especially when working in places where it is impossible to place large construction equipment. With its unique dimensions and weight, the crane easily passes through standard doorways.

SPX312 self-propelled mini crane is capable of solving a wide range of tasks for lifting loads both in open areas and indoors. The electric model can do indoor work without generating harmful fumes.

But where mini crane SPX312 is simply irreplaceable - this is installation of glass facades of multi-storey buildings. The crane operates from the upper floors, making it easy and quick to install glass panels on the lower floors. The use of a mini crane reduces the assembly crew and improves efficiency in terms of time, cost and quality.

SPX312 Jekko Mini Spider Crane Features

Mini crane SPX312 Jekko Parameter value
Dimensions 2.5 x 0.77 x 1.6 m
Stabilization Area 3700 x 3700 mm
Crane Weight 1800 kg
Engine Unleaded Petrol Fuel (model SPX312CP) YAMAHA MZ 360
 - Power 7,6 kW
 - Air Cooling Yes
Electrical System (model SPX312C+) 24V-3F
 - Power 4,0 kW
 - Batteries 240 A·h
Main Winch 600 kg
63 m - Ø 7 mm
15.1 - 31.8 m/min
Max Outrigger Load 1850 kg
Max Track Load 0,44 kg/cm2
Extendable Tracks 0.77 - 1.065 m
Travel Speed 1.7 km/h
Gradeability 20°

Crane manipulator SPX312 Jekko is designed for work in tight confined spaces. Ease of control and operator capabilities make working with the SPX312 mini crane as comfortable as possible.

Safety and speed in glass installation take a completely new level, without causing difficulties even in high-rise multi-storey construction.

Opportunities mini crane SPX312 Jekko allow you to save money by reducing the time required to complete lifting work, while increasing their quality.

Buy a mini crane SPX312 or get technical advice, you can contact the company «Interbudtechnica».
We are authorized dealer of Jekko in Ukraine.

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