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Truck mounted pump 49Х-6RZ - Zoomlion

Manufacturer: Zoomlion (China)
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The Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ Zoomlion (China) is a powerful and maneuverable Truck mounted pump with a 49-meter boom mounted on a 4-axle truck.

In 2008, Zoomlion acquired the Italian company CIFA, whose technologies are used in the production of Zoomlion Truck mounted pumps in an attractive price range.

The pumping unit with a output 180 m3/hour is designed for efficient and long-term pumping of concrete in various conditions.
Boom Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ consisting of 6 sections-has improved stabilization and high reliability.
The maximum lifting height of the boom of the 49X-6RZ Truck mounted pump is 49 meters.
Horizontal boom opening is 43.7 meters.

Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ Zoomlion of the well-known Corporation for the Production of Construction Equipment Zoomlion was developed by innovative technologies of professional technicians of the CIFA plant (Italy) and the Zoomlion plant (China) on the basis of high-quality components from well-known world manufacturers.

The Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ Zoomlion is a powerful, reliable, modern unit designed for the most demanding tasks and conditions.

Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ - Zoomlion

Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ, Zoomlion is widely used in various fields of construction of infrastructure facilities and laying of communications.

A wide model range of Truck mounted pumps manufactured by ZOOMLION Corporation allows you to choose a Truck mounted pump for any of your tasks.

Characteristics of the Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ Zoomlion

Maximum boom height49 m
Minimum unfolding height12.9 m
Maximum horizontal distance43.7 m
Section numbers 6
Opening angle of the 1st section90°
Opening angle of the 2nd section180°
Opening angle of the 3rd section180°
Opening angle of the 4th section225°
Opening angle of the 5th section195°
Opening angle of the 6th section210°
Rotating angle ±270°
End hose lenght3 m
Truck mounted pump unit modelPU1811
Maximum theorical output180 m3/h
Maximum pressure on concrete113 bar
Concrete hopper capacity600 l
Concrete pipe diameter125 mm

Advantages of the Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ Zoomlion

Powerful, agile, efficient
• The design of a powerful 49-meter pump mounted on a 4-axle truck has increased cross-country ability and maneuverability.
• Efficient pumping unit, ideal for long-term use.
• Precise Pumping Control (APC) technology - Zoomlion’s big breakthrough in Truck mounted pumping accuracy, which increases the efficiency of the Truck mounted pump and makes it easy to operate.
• Adaptive concrete mix pumping technology-improved pumping control system in the case of low-quality concrete with segregation (stratification) and high viscosity, as well as the presence of an auto-adaptive pumping mode, which reduces the speed when blocking by more than 50%.

Arrow: reliable, stable, safe
• 6-section boom-provides a wide operating range.
• Active Boom Vibration Control (ABC) Technology: Active boom vibration reduction technology in all positions, reducing vibration by 50%. More stable boom, more safety.
• The ability to work in a confined space thanks to the «Z-shape» boom opening system.
• The five-piece boom opens quickly or changes position.
• The presence of the boom stabilization control.
• Intelligent boom damping technology: soft control of the boom when starting, turning and stopping, which reduces the impact vibration of the boom and therefore makes the operation of the Truck mounted pump more stable, reliable and safe.
• The production of boom elements is carried out by robotic welding, 100% quality control of the welds, which ensures stable quality and long service life.
• The Truck mounted pump boom is flexible, stable and safe.

Reliable hydraulic system
• The hydraulic system is fully automated, and high precision at the production stage, guarantees the stability and trouble-free operation of the hydraulic system.

Minimum area of stabilization of Truck mounted pump
• The one-way opening of the side outriggers allows you to work safely on difficult and narrow areas.

Smart and Efficient
• The Truck mounted pump controller is designed for difficult operating conditions and is equipped with a monitor that intelligently monitors the entire operation of the pump using real-time operating data.
• System for recording alarms and notifying of the need for maintenance, self-diagnosis of malfunctions.
• Convenient remote control of electrical equipment.
• Multilingual human-machine interface system.
• Remote control in dual PWM + CAN communication mode.

The variability of configurations to fit Your needs
• The possibility of various configurations of the Truck mounted pump and high-quality components.
• Options for mounting on the chassis of both European and Chinese manufacturers, which allows you to reduce the price.

Financial saving and energy saving
• Operating costs are much lower than for Truck mounted pumps in the same range.
• The Truck mounted pump 49X-6RZ Zoomlion is adapted to work in cold climates.
• Adaptive variable power technology for automatic matching of power with optimal fuel consumption allows you to save up to 15% compared to other manufacturers.

Reliable, long service life
• High reliability parts and components of Truck mounted pump.
• Easy assembly and disassembly of Truck mounted pump units.
• The modular design of the equipment simplifies repair and maintenance.
• Long service life of consumable parts.

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