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Truck mounted crane TCL 40.35 - Locatelli

Manufacturer: Locatelli (Italy)
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TCL 40.35 mobile crane, Locatelli - with a maximum load capacity 40 tons. The telescopic boom of this crane, 32.1 meters long, can lift loads to a height of 36 meters. The crane is mounted on a 3-axle truck Mercedes-Benz.

TCL 40.35 truck crane is a cheaper alternative to the specialized Locatelli rough terrain cranes. Due to the fact that the Locatelli crane is mounted on a 3-axle truck, the TCL 40.35 truck crane is more mobile. He can move without special permission on public roads.

At the same time, upon arrival at the site, the TCL 40.35 truck crane is immediately ready to begin work. Thus, the range of use of powerful Locatelli cranes extends.

Truck mounted crane TCL 40.35 - Locatelli

Application area of ​​the truck crane TCL 40.35 - Locatelli

In addition to the usual construction site, TCL 40.35 crane model is ideally suited for maintenance and repair of roads, bridges, tunnels, roadside maintenance. When the arrival time of special equipment is a significant factor.
Also, the TCL 40.35 truck crane is ideal for any kind of contractor when the crane needs to be moved frequently between objects.

Technical Specifications of the TCL 40.35 Truck Crane - Locatelli

Capacity 35 tons CE / 40 tons @ 85%
Max boom length 32.1 m
Max boom heigth 36 m
No. of axles 4
Drive / steer 8x4x4
Tyres 315/70 R22.5
Engine TIER IV F - 1300kW, 1,400 rpm
Speed ​​ 90 km/h
Dimensions 11.31 x 2.50 x 3.91 (H) m
Total weight 26 000 kg

Features of the TCL 40.35 truck crane - Locatelli

- Steel structure
The design of the boom and crane frame is torsion resistant and made of high strength and fine grained steel.

- H-outriggers
H-shaped outriggers, hydraulically expandable. Management and alignment is carried out from a cabin with an electronic level.

- Boom
Welded torsion-resistant construction made of high-strength and fine-grained steel. Swivel bearing with internal teeth and double ball bearings. The crane boom can continuously rotate 360°.
The boom has three proportional telescopic elements that hydraulically extend under load.

- Control system
Control is carried out using electric joysticks with automatic return to the neutral position. Electronic tools that allow you to smoothly control all movements of the crane.

- Operator’s Cab
The crane operator’s cab is made of steel sheets with safety glass windows and is equipped with control devices.
In the operator’s cab there is a main control unit with 10" color touch screen. The cab has independent heating.

- Safety system
Load torque indicator, overload switches, safety valves, work area monitoring.

- Counterweight
A standard counterweight of 1.5 tons can be expanded to 3.5 tons with an additional counterweight.

TCL 40.35 Truck Crane, Locatelli - powerful, reliable, mobile, multi-function crane. 40 tons payload, 360° circular working area, performance and maneuverability, European quality of performance - these are the competitive advantages of this crane model.

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