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Truck-mixer pump MK32L - the gold standard of CIFA concrete equipment

There are things that are hard to argue with - working with concrete is CIFA, this is the gold standard that other companies are striving for.

With an innovative solution, CIFA engineers combined the truck-mixer pump and concrete mixer back in 1974, which allowed them to create a new class of concrete equipment.
To develop and bring to the market a machine that with the help of one vehicle is capable of mixing, transporting and pumping concrete, was embodied in a pump for concrete mixer trucks, which in 1987 was called "Magnum".

Since then, CIFA has come a long way in improving its product.
Each technological step was the result of many years of research. In response to customer needs, CIFA has made technological improvements in its products.

Today, CIFA - ZOOMLION group of companies products, as always, combine the best developments and technologies of these companies.

Today, the MK32L concrete mixer truck is the flagship product of this CIFA range of concrete equipment

The functions of the three concrete machines - mixing, transporting and conveying concrete - in only one vehicle - is truck-mixer pump with mixer MK32L.

Versatility is one of the characteristics that best describes CIFA mixing pumps.
This is a machine for various needs at a construction site.

Magnum MK32L, equipped with the Easytronic system, which is significantly different from competitors.

The Easytronic system is a user-friendly control system developed by CIFA to control the mixer pump during operation.
The operator receives the most important parameters of the machine, such as: data on the mixer, rotation and speed, data on the pumping unit and engine speed.
This system is also a performance monitoring system.

In modern construction, the workplace is often limited, so a mixer/pump is the best solution: it combines the transportation and pumping of concrete in one machine. It also occupies an area smaller than using a mixer and pump at the same time.

MK32L never causes problems at the mixing stage or at the pumping stage. This is achieved thanks to LSC (Light Stability Control), which automatically and safely stabilizes the machine.

Versatility is manifested in various configurations of the lever, providing the most useful work, reaching any area of the construction site, even the least comfortable and affordable.

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When working with the CIFA MK32L truck-mixer pump, you will be impressed by the reliability of this technique.

Truck-mixer pump MK32L is functional as possible, instantly ready to work, works quickly and efficiently.

Machines of this type can be equipped with distribution booms from 24 to 32 meters long, concrete mixers with a nominal volume of 7 m 3 and 10 m 3.
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