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Truck mixer 10JBH-R, Zoomlion

Manufacturer: Zoomlion (China)
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The Zoomlion concrete mixer truck 10JBH-R (China) is a modern and reliable concrete mixer, with a useful nominal volume of 10 m3, mounted on a 4-axle truck.

The Zoomlion concrete mixer truck 10JBH-R was developed using modern technologies aimed at increasing efficiency and reliability – a larger drum volume with a reduced tilt angle and overall weight. Durability and reliability of components and parts, easier and more comfortable maintenance.

Truck mixer 10JBH-R Zoomlion of the well-known Corporation for the Production of Construction Equipment Zoomlion is developed according to innovative technologies of European companies on the basis of high-quality components of well-known world manufacturers.

The 10JBH-R Zoomlion concrete mixer is a powerful, reliable, modern unit designed for trouble-free operation in the most difficult conditions.

Truck concrete mixer 10JBH-R, Zoomlion

Truck concrete mixer 10JBH-R truck, Zoomlion is widely used in various fields of construction, for reliable and uninterrupted delivery of concrete to construction sites.

The model range of concrete mixers manufactured by ZOOMLION Corporation allows you to choose a concrete mixer exactly for your requirements.

Characteristics of the Zoomlion concrete mixer truck 10JBH-R

Useful volume of the mixer10 m3
DriveChassis GDP
Filling speed≥4 m3/min
Unloading speed≥3 m3/min
Surplus ratio≤0.7 %
Hydraulic systemClosed
Drum tilt angle12°
The volume of the water tank450 litres
Dimensions L x W x H9330 x 2500 x 3930 mm

Advantages of the Zoomlion concrete mixer truck 10JBH-R

Modern technological design of the concrete mixer
• Double logarithmic pitch and variable pitch mixer screw blade: provides higher grinding and unloading speed and uniform mixing, eliminates concrete segregation, and is suitable for transporting both dry and wet materials.
• New T-blade technology-it is made of wear-resistant alloy steel and thus protects the mixer blades from abrasion, extends the service life of the mixer drum and improves mixing performance.
• The geometric capacity of the concrete mixer drum is very large and the filling speed is low, which guarantees more mixing space. A small angle of inclination and a low center of gravity help reduce the likelihood of a car overturning.

Reliable hydraulic system
• The hydraulic system of the 10JBH-R Zoomlion concrete mixer with a closed circuit and a regulator that maintains a constant temperature of the hydraulic oil. The main hydraulic components, such as: hydraulic plunger pump, servo-driven control mechanism, hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox, which are produced by world-famous brands, maintain stable and reliable operation.

Well-designed water supply system
• Pneumatic water supply system: the pressure is provided by an air tank mounted on a chassis with pressure protection devices. The water inlet pipe is suitable for both conventional water pipes and fire protection fittings.
• Design for washing the concrete mixer with multiple outlets-with three fixed tubes for washing the mixer drum, loading and unloading bins, respectively, as well as another flexible outlet for water.

Smart and Efficient
• Three-point control system: one in the cab, which allows you to control the concrete mixer drum, rotate it forward and backward, and perform the functions of «feeding», «unloading», «mixing» and «stopping». Two at the back with one working handle on each side to perform «loading», «accelerating», «unloading», «stirring» and «stopping», all of which are interconnected.
• Intelligent power matching technology for the entire machine allows you to reduce fuel consumption by 5-10%.

The client chooses the configuration
• The construction of the concrete mixer installed on a 4-axle truck has increased cross-country ability and maneuverability.
• Options for installing the concrete mixer on the chassis of both European and Chinese manufacturers, which allows you to reduce the price.
• The possibility of various configurations of the concrete mixer truck and high-quality components.
• The Zoomlion concrete mixer truck 10JBH-R is adapted to work in cold climates.

Reliable, long service life
• High reliability of assemblies and components of the concrete mixer truck.
• Easy assembly and disassembly of the concrete mixer units.
• The modular design of the equipment simplifies repair and maintenance.
• Long service life of consumable parts.

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