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Telescopic Boom Lift ZT34J Zoomline

Manufacturer: Zoomlion (China)
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The ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift is a diesel self-propelled lift with a lifting capacity of 300/454 kg and a working height of 36 meters.

ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift is a modern modular design, low self-weight, large load capacity - 300 kg / 454 kg, working height 36 m, working radius - 24.2 m, high reliability and intelligent control.
Smooth and stable control of the lift boom extension, stability control, extension speed from 34 mm/sec.

ZT34J Zoomlion Lift new development of the Zoomlion Concern, it has a greater working height and load capacity than its counterparts.

The ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift is equipped with a PLC control system and CAN-Bus communication technology. The automatic fault detection function provides the most convenient service.

The ZT34J Zoomlion has a four-wheel drive system, which significantly improves off-road performance.
It is capable of overcoming a 45% rise, it is ideal for performing work in construction and industry, it is especially useful when performing high-rise work in a confined space.
The boom, which does not require lubrication, minimizes maintenance costs.
The retractable engine tray makes regular maintenance more convenient.

ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift has excellent performance, stable operation and can withstand heavy load on the platform. The spacious working platform 2.44 x 0.91 m allows you to comfortably perform various types of work at a considerable height.

The wide model range of telescopic lifts manufactured by ZOOMLION Corporation allows you to choose a lift with any range of working heights.

ZT34J Zoomlion lift with telescopic boom, greatly improves the efficiency of high-altitude work.

Maximum working height36 m
Maximum lifting height of the platform34 m
Maximum working radius24.2 m
Platform length - D2.44 m
Platform width - E0.91 m
Total height (folded) - C3 m
Total Length (folded) - A13.5 m
Total width (folded) - B2.49 m
Wheelbase - F3.81 m
Ground clearance
(center) - G
0.41 m
Load capacity
(unlimited / limited)
300 / 454 kg
Driving speed5.5 km/h
Turning radius
internal / external
2.8 / 6.2 m
Rotary support device360°
Platform rotation±90°
Gradeability (folded)45% (24°)
Jib (range of articulation)130°
(-55° -75°)
Max. working slope
Max. wind speed12.5 m/s
Diesel engineCummins, Kubota
Fuel tank capacity200 l
Hydraulic tank capacity250 l
Steering modeFront wheels/
Rear wheels/
Voltage12 V
Weight19 200 kg
ZT34J - Zoomlion Telescopic Lift Size chart - ZT34J - Zoomlion telescopic lift

Working diagram of the ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift

ZT34J Zoomlion Telescopic Lift Working Diagram

Standard features of the ZT34J telescopic lift

• All motion alarm.
• Proportional control.
• Control of the lift movement.
• Auto-leveling system.
• Emergency stop button.
• Tilt protection system.
• Emergency descent system.
• On-board diagnostic system.
• 4.3-inch display.
• Load sensing system.
• Easy-to-use platform.
• Self-closing entry gate.
• Oscillating axle.
• Swing-out engine tray.
• Flashing amber beacon.
• Horn.

Accessories and Options - ZT34J telescopic lift
- Platform work lights.
- AC power to platform.
- Anti-collision device.
- Axis extension function.

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