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Telescopic Boom Lift ZT34J Zoomline

Manufacturer: Zoomlion (China)
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The ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift is a diesel self-propelled lift with a lifting capacity of 300/454 kg and a working height of 36 meters.

ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift is a modern modular design, low self-weight, large load capacity - 300 kg / 454 kg, working height 36 m, working radius - 24.2 m, high reliability and intelligent control.
Smooth and stable control of the lift boom extension, stability control, extension speed from 34 mm/sec.

ZT34J Zoomlion Lift new development of the Zoomlion Concern, it has a greater working height and load capacity than its counterparts.

The ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift is equipped with a PLC control system and CAN-Bus communication technology. The automatic fault detection function provides the most convenient service.

The ZT34J Zoomlion has a four-wheel drive system, which significantly improves off-road performance.
It is capable of overcoming a 45% rise, it is ideal for performing work in construction and industry, it is especially useful when performing high-rise work in a confined space.
The boom, which does not require lubrication, minimizes maintenance costs.
Swing-out engine tray makes regular maintenance more convenient.

ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift has excellent performance, stable operation and can withstand heavy load on the platform. The spacious working platform 2.44 x 0.91 m allows you to comfortably perform various types of work at a considerable height.

The wide model range of telescopic lifts manufactured by ZOOMLION Corporation allows you to choose a lift with any range of working heights.

ZT34J Zoomlion lift with telescopic boom, greatly improves the efficiency of high-altitude work.

Maximum working height36 m
Maximum lifting height of the platform34 m
Maximum working radius24.2 m
Platform length - D2.44 m
Platform width - E0.91 m
Total height (folded) - C3 m
Total Length (folded) - A13.5 m
Total width (folded) - B2.49 m
Wheelbase - F3.81 m
Ground clearance
(center) - G
0.41 m
Load capacity
(unlimited / limited)
300 / 454 kg
Driving speed5.5 km/h
Turning radius
internal / external
2.8 / 6.2 m
Rotary support device360°
Platform rotation±90°
Gradeability (folded)45% (24°)
Jib (range of articulation)130°
(-55° -75°)
Max. working slope
Max. wind speed12.5 m/s
Diesel engineCummins, Kubota
Fuel tank capacity200 l
Hydraulic tank capacity250 l
Steering modeFront wheels/
Rear wheels/
Voltage12 V
Weight19 200 kg
ZT34J - Zoomlion Telescopic Lift Size chart - ZT34J - Zoomlion telescopic lift

Working diagram of the ZT34J Zoomlion telescopic lift

ZT34J Zoomlion Telescopic Lift Working Diagram

Standard features of the ZT34J telescopic lift

• All motion alarm.
• Proportional control.
• Control of the lift movement.
• Auto-leveling system.
• Emergency stop button.
• Tilt protection system.
• Emergency descent system.
• On-board diagnostic system.
• 4.3-inch display.
• Load sensing system.
• Easy-to-use platform.
• Self-closing entry gate.
• Oscillating axle.
• Swing-out engine tray.
• Flashing amber beacon.
• Horn.

Accessories and Options - ZT34J telescopic lift
- Platform work lights.
- AC power to platform.
- Anti-collision device.
- Axis extension function.

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