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Sectors of application and advantagues of KLAAS (Germany) truck and trailer cranes

Sectors of application of KLAAS (Germany) truck cranes and trailer cranes:

The construction sector is the main one where KLAAS cranes are used, namely:

  • at house and cottage building (for lifting of building materials: roof tile, roofing felt, brick, concrete, etc., for installing glass, sandwich panels, for lifting people and equipment (ventilation, solar batteries, lighting components etc.)
  • for the construction of frame, wooden, aluminum, metal structures, commercial buildings, logistics centers, shopping and entertainment centers, etc., as well as advertising structures and their maintenance;
  • for the installation, dismantling and repair of roofs, facades (installation of glass, sandwich panels, insulation of buildings, installation and dismantling of roof tiles, roof slate, roofing felt, roof drain, etc.) in a dense urban building using a variety of attachments (buckets for building materials, clamps and platforms for roofing tile, etc.) which speed up and facilitate the execution of works;

KLAAS truck and trailer cranes are also widely used in various secors of industry:

  • when carrying out loading and unloading operations at industrial enterprises, warehouses, etc.;
  • for the reconstruction and maintenance of various structures.

Advantages of KLAAS (Germany) truck and trailer cranes :

  • Excellent technical characteristics at light of construction (made of aluminium).
  • Installation of the crane on 2-axle truck.
  • The presence of the jib (additional boom), with the possibility of horizontal positioning.
  • Large working height up to 52 m and working radius up to 44 m.
  • Cranes can be used to lift people to a height up to 43 meters. High maneuverability and easy to use.
  • Operation and movement of the crane with radio control.
  • Large working height and working radius.
  • Full rotation at 360°.
  • Work in a restricted space.
  • Quick installation in working position.
  • Can be equipped with the following attachments: platforms for lifting people, clamps for roof tile and brick, pallet forks, solar forks, hooks, traverses, etc
  • Separate diesel engine Kubota (Japan) drive with a minimum fuel consumption.
  • To raise a small load, there is no need to use cranes with a big maximum lifting capacity, which makes aluminum cranes KLAAS more profitable from a financial point of view.