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Portable concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD, Zoomlion

Manufacturer: Zoomlion (China)
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Portable concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD, Zoomlion (China) with a capacity of from 65 to 105 m3/hour.

The HBT105.21.286RSD concrete pump delivers concrete 1400 meters horizontally and 450 meters in height. This is a powerful modern unit capable of conveying concrete for almost one and a half kilometers with horizontal feeding, which especially valuable in the construction of tunnels, bridges or subways.

Concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD of the well-known concern of construction equipment Zoomlion has been developed according to innovative technologies of European companies on the basis of high-quality components from world famous manufacturers and has an updated design.

Stationary concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD - very powerful, reliable, modern concrete pump designed for difficult operating conditions.

Stationary concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD, Zoomlion is widely used in multi-storey construction, laying of communications, tunnels, bridges. It is capable of conveying concrete horizontally over long distances. Or perform vertical conveying of concrete for high-rise construction. The HBT105.21.286RSD concrete pump is used for conveying concrete in underground or tunnel works.
The large fuel tank of the concrete pump with a capacity of 250 liters allows it to work autonomously for a long time.

Portable concrete pumps HBT105.21.286RSD, Zoomlion

Characteristics of the HBT105.21.286RSD concrete pump

Diesel engineDeutz (Germany)
Motor power286 kW
Concrete pressure130 bar to 105 m3/h /
210 bar in 65 m3/h
Cylinder size200 x 2100 mm
Concrete pumping headup to 450 meters
Concrete conveying horizontallyup to 1400 meters
Hopper capacity800 l
Hydraulic water pump for flushing
after finishing work
70 l/min. - 20 bar
Concrete flow regulator on the control panel
Vibrator mounted on grate
concrete loading hopper
Hydraulic circuitOpen type
Electric lubricant pump
Control Panel
Remote controlwith 20m cable
Fuel tank250 l
Engine failure horn
Booster pipe with elbows,
joints and seals
Rinsing balls2 pcs.
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm7200 x 2250 x 2940
Weight9 700 kg

Stationary concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD Zoomlion

stationary concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD, Zoomlion has high performance, powerful and reliable;
• there is a function of increasing the delivery range by reducing the capacity when switching the pump group;
Stationary concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD Zoomlion has low operating costs;
• adapted for work in cold climates using an electric vibrator on the grate of the loading bunker, special hydraulic and motor oils;
• Concrete pump HBT105.21.286RSD is very easy to maintain and operate;
• optional equipment with steel concrete pipeline with swivel elbows, locks and seals.

Intelligent concrete pump control system:
- HBT105.21.286RSD stationary concrete pump has self-diagnosis and protection function, which makes concrete conveying more stable and reliable.
- The HBT105.21.286RSD trailed concrete pump has a touch screen, the system monitors the operation in real time, it is possible to view the records of faults and the need for maintenance.

Dual-circuit hydraulic system with two pumps:
- The pump hydraulic system of the concrete pump and the distribution hydraulic system interact with each other. This design can easily realize logic control and provide better performance of the hydraulic system.

Flexible reversible technology, monitoring pumping conditions:
- Automatic regulation of various mechanisms to ensure smooth concrete flow without impacts, improve pumping efficiency and extend the life of the parts.

Adaptive variable power concrete pump technology:
- Depending on the specific pumping conditions, the concrete pump engine always works with the optimal load, which ensures economical fuel consumption.

Improved Reverse Technique:
- Master cylinder reverse and S-valve shifting times have been optimized to increase component life.

Long Life Consumables:
- Long service life of wear parts, due to the use of advanced materials, new technologies and new developments. This significantly reduces the operating costs of the concrete pump.

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