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Placing Booms Zoomlion

Manufacturer: Zoomlion (China)
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Zoomlion hydraulic concrete Placing Booms are the professional solution for the construction of high-rise buildings and large-scale structures.

Zoomlion concrete Placing Booms allow the delivery of concrete or mortars vertically and over sufficiently long distances. They are very convenient if there are no access roads for concrete pumps or the length of their booms is not enough to carry out the work.

Concrete Placing Booms HGM19A-3R and HGM22A-3R can be installed both on the floor of buildings and on the column, all other models are installed only on the column.

Max. boom radius19 m22 m29 m33 m36 m
Height to junction between boom tip and pivot Separately - 2.55 m
Column - up to 10 m
Separately - 2.55 m
Column - up to 12 m
Column 24/30 mColumn 24/30 m Column 24/30 m
Turning radius360°360°360°360°360°
Total weight5500 kg5500 kg23000 kg24000 kg24000 kg
Counterweight3000 kg3000 kg---
Motor power15 kW15 kW15 kW30 kW15 kW
ControlManual / RemoteManual / RemoteManual / Remote Manual / RemoteManual / Remote
Arms3m3m3m3 m3 m
Concrete pipe diameter125 mm125 mm125 mm125 mm125 mm
1 Sectionlength3.9 m3.9 m10.87 m9.73 m12.73 m
angle0 - 90°0 - 90°0 - 90°0 - 90°0 - 90°
2 Sectionlength5.2 m5.2 m9.57 m7.85 m7.85 m
angle0 - 90°0 - 90°0 - 180°0 - 180°0 - 180°
3 Sectionlength5.8 m6.95 m8.56 m7.88 m7.88 m
angle0 - 180°0 - 180°0 - 180°0 - 240°0 - 240°
4 Sectionlength4.32 m5.95 m-7.54 m7.54 m
angle0 - 180°0 - 180°0 - 230°0 - 230°
Operating temperature0 - 40°C0 - 40°C0 - 40°C0 - 40°C0 - 40°C

Features of Zoomlion concrete Placing Booms

Zoomlion concrete Placing Booms are widely used in modern construction. They significantly accelerate the delivery of concrete to a considerable height and shorten the construction time.
Zoomlion Placing Booms are required when there are obstacles for concrete pump booms in the form of columns or floors, when erecting high-rise structures, bridges or dams, monolithic construction.
Precise control and high reliability. Zoomlion concrete Placing Booms are designed with tower crane construction technology to ensure stable operation. Electro-hydraulic proportional control technology provides precise control and convenience in all operations.
Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of concrete Placing Booms. All details have been taken into account to make it easy to install and remove Zoomlion booms quickly and easily.
• Ease of transporting concrete: lifting is simple and quick with the two lift cylinders in a convenient way using boom hydraulics.
• Electro-hydraulic proportional valve in the hydraulic system allows operation more stable boom.
Easy access to all nodes of the boom. Platforms and ladders for personnel and work on various construction sites.

Benefits of using the distribution of arrows Zoomlion

- Increase productivity and profitability of construction.
- Reducing the number of personnel employed in the works.
- Execution of pouring concrete of complex objects.
- Ensuring labor safety.

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