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Mini crane JF545 Jekko - 15.5 tons

Manufacturer: Jekko (Italy)
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JF545 Jekko mini crane - a crawler crane with outriggers with a lifting capacity of 15.5 tons

JF545 crane manipulator from Jekko - This model shows the future of crawler cranes. With lifting capacity 15.5 tons and a maximum working height of 30 meters on a self-propelled caterpillar truck, the JF545 crane has modest dimensions for easy transportation and passage through the openings of buildings to reach places inaccessible to automobile cranes.
The JF545 crane is a new development in the Jekko mini crane range of manipulators.

Crawler mini crane JF545 Jekko manipulator

• Maximum lifting capacity - 15,5 tons
• Max. height - 30 m
• Max. working radius - 28 m
• Dimensions - 5.4 m (L) x 1.84 m (W) x 2.83 m (H)
• Boom - circular rotation 360°

Crane JF545 is a synthesis of two concepts for lifting equipment: mini-cranes and articulated cranes. This revolutionary approach changes the traditional lifting systems, installing on the tracks what has always been mounted on trucks - a hinged crane (crane-manipulator).
This concept mini crane opens up new horizons and applications.

Mini crane JF545 Jekko

The combination of the strengths of various fields, allowed us to design an innovative crane simple and convenient in operation and maintenance. The logistics and environmental aspects also meet modern European requirements.

Innovative advantages of the JF545 Jekko mini crane

- Various use cases
Crane JF545 has a double articulation of a base boom to which a telescopic jib can be added. Such a system has three joints, gives a variety of movements and a wide range of action compared to traditional mini-cranes with a conventional boom.
All this allows the JF545 crane to perform any horizontal and vertical movements, rotate, work through obstacles, use a hook or a winch. A work platform for 3 people or a cradle for 2 can be attached to the crane, allowing you to perform work at a height of up to 31 meters. The hydraulic boom allows you to set any additional option, for example vacuum manipulator for glass or flat panels.

- Maximum access and work in a limited space.
Super availability in tight spaces. The basic concept JF545 mini crane is a transformer crane that folds into the smallest overall dimensions. This makes it possible for the crane to pass through bottlenecks, building openings, where the truck crane cannot get: industrial zones, enclosed parks, narrow streets and even rooms. The folding ability and reduced crane weight have a positive effect on logistics.

- Safe lifting of goods
JF545 crane uses a torque limiter in place of the electronic limiter commonly used on mini cranes.
This greatly simplifies the operation, since feedback to the machine is indicated for setting the pressure (max. 345 bar). Accordingly, when the machine is 100% stabilized, it can use the maximum pressure for 360° operation. Alternatively, using the position of the stabilizers and the resulting tipping line, one of the four «stability levels» is calculated automatically: 1 - the minimum stability level, 4 - the maximum with four different pressure classes. This means that the lifting process is controlled by the screen of the remote control with an intuitive graphical interface. The operator can choose from endless lifting options according to the area of ​​stabilization and the required safety regulations.

- Counterweight System
JF545 Construction Crane can use counterweight 3.5 tons with an innovative auto-release system that is controlled by radio control. The operator just needs to remove the locking pins. This is very useful in situations of limited space and limited logistics, when there is no need to use a counterweight. But that’s not all, after removing the counterweight, its platform can be used to transport goods up to 3.5 tons that only need to be properly secured.

- The crane is controlled by one operator
The crane is fully controlled by one operator using remote control. This makes work even safer and more convenient, as the operator controls the crane from any convenient point.
The operator, using the radio remote control, turns the crane on / off, controls all movements, stabilization, counterweight, jib: does everything necessary to get the most out of the crane. The latest generation remote control makes it easy and intuitive to control many options. The color display of the remote control has the most convenient gran arabic interface with a car-type selection menu.

- Diesel and electric engines
The JF545 is equipped with a 55 kW Kubota diesel engine and a 13 kW three-phase electric motor. Depending on the situation and the need, the operator can easily switch from one engine to another. An electric motor is especially useful when working indoors.

Scope and competitive advantage

The universal crane JF545 manipulator is used in a wide variety of conditions: on a construction site, especially in a limited space, for moving beams, plates, air conditioning systems, double-glazed windows. At industrial enterprises, maintenance services, in metallurgical production, in warehouses. This is the ideal crane for companies specializing in lifting work to complement the range of truck cranes and elevators.

The JF545 crane manipulator easily allows you to quickly execute panoramic lighting, move oversized glass, perform installation of translucent structures - which are widely used in modern architecture today. The JF545 Jekko mini crane with a vacuum manipulator is a very convenient tool for the safe installation of large glass, translucent structures and panoramic lighting.

This crane can also be useful to all those who want to use the typical advantages of a hinged crane (crane-manipulator) in areas inaccessible to trucks.

In general, cranes are needed on the market, which are becoming more compact, but have high payloads. This is for obvious reasons saving operating costs and cost, capacity, logistics, maintenance and ease of use.
The new min crane JF545 was created to meet precisely these needs.

Characteristics of the JF545 Jekko mini crane

JF545 Jekko Mini CraneParameter Value
Dimensions 5.4 x 1.84 x 2.83 m
Stabilization Area 6.5 x 6.5 m
Crane weight 13.7 tons
Counterweight 3.5 tons
Engine KUBOTA V3307-CR-TE4B
Diesel Fuel yes
Power 55.4 kW (74 hp)
Main Winch 2600 kg, 60 m - Ø12 mm, 36.5-47 m/min.
Max Outrigger Load 11 250 kg
Max Track Load 0.85 kg/cm2
Travel Speed 2.5 km/h
Gradeability 20°
Mini crane JF545 Jekko with a lifting capacity of 15.5 tons with small dimensions is designed for work where a regular truck crane can not cope - in tight spaces, on slopes, even indoors.
Crane JF545 shows the best global trends in the development of mini-cranes with universal capabilities. This crane can be bought in Ukraine from an official representative - the company «Іnterbudtechnica».

You can see technical specification of Jekko mini-crane model JF545 by clicking on the the link:

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