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Mini crane JF40 Jekko - 2.5 tons

JF40 Jekko mini crane - a compact crane with a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons

Miniature in size crane spider JF40 from company Jekko with a maximum lifting capacity of 2.5 tons and a working height of 8 meters.

This is the most convenient for the operator mini-crane JF40, which impresses with its performance. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used in a wide variety of fields: from construction sites to storage facilities, the JF40 adapts to any requirements.

JF40 Jekko mini crane manipulator

• Maximum lifting capacity - 2.5 tons
• Max. height - 8 m
• Max. working radius - 6.8 m
• Dimensions - 2.38 m (L) x 0.78 m (W) x 1.82 m (H)
• Boom - rotation 337°

The JF40 mini crane is powered by a YAMAHA MZ 360 gasoline engine rated at 7.6 kW (10.4 hp). As an additional option, it is possible to complete the drive module for operation from the mains (single-phase 50 Hz 220V-2 kW or three-phase 50 Hz 400V-4 kW).

JF40 Jekko mini crane maneuverable and easy to operate. The operator can sit on a folding platform for the driver and control the mini crane using the levers of the dashboard.
If necessary, as an option, control is carried out using the optional remote control.

Depending on the application, the JF40 mini crane can also be equipped with a variety of accessories: for example, such as drive module for mains operation, non-marking tracks made of white rubber, for indoor use.
As an option, the JF40 mini crane can be equipped with winch with a lifting capacity of 600 kg, length of rope 36m, diameter 6mm.

Mini crane JF40 Jekko

Scopes of the JF40 manipulator mini-crane work

- Work in a limited space
Thanks to the width of 78 cm folded, crane transformer JF40 easily goes into standard doorways. Indoor, stairwell, basement work - the JF40 crane carries out lifting work in the most incredible places.
The working angle of the crane is 25°, which allows you to work safely even on inclined surfaces.

- Lifting from roofs or ceilings
Low dead weight, minimal stabilization area allows you to install JF40 on the floors or roofs of high-rise buildings. This can be very useful when performing complex work on glazing of high-rise buildings.

- Installation of double-glazed windows, glazing
Due to the fact that the JF40 crane is equipped with an additional vacuum glass manipulator - this allows you to effectively perform glazing on the facades of buildings, shopping centers, sports facilities. Thanks to the accuracy and smoothness of movement, quite laborious work on glazing large areas is carried out absolutely quickly and safely.

- Installation of oversized glass and translucent structures
The JF40 Jekko mini crane with a vacuum manipulator is a very convenient tool for safe installation of large glass, translucent structures and panoramic lighting. The JF40 crane manipulator easily allows you to quickly execute panoramic lighting, move oversized glass, perform installation of translucent structures - which are widely used in modern architecture today.

Characteristics of the JF40 Jekko mini crane

JF40 Jekko Mini Crane Parameter Value
Dimensions 2.38 x 0.78 x 1.82 m
Stabilization Area 4,55 x 4,55 m
Crane Weight 1.5 tons
Engine YAMAHA MZ 360 Petrol
Power 7.6 kW (10.4 hp)
Main Winch 600 kg, 36 m - O 6 mm, 27-35 m/min.
Max Outrigger Load 1530 kg
Max Track Load 0.42 kg/cm2
Travel Speed 2.4 km/h
Gradeability 25°
JF40 Jekko mini-crane manipulator is a compact crane with a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons. It is ideal for lifting work in a limited space. The JF40 mini crane can even be installed on the roof or floors of buildings.
Using the JF40 crane and the vacuum glass elevator, it is especially efficient and safe to carry out complex glazing works.
You can buy a JF40 crane from an official Jekko representative in Ukraine with us.

You can see technical specification of Jekko mini-crane model JF40 by clicking on the the link:

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