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Mini crane JF365 Jekko - 11.5 tons

Manufacturer: Jekko (Italy)
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Mini crane JF365 Jekko - crane manipulator with outriggers with a lifting capacity of 11.5 tons

JF365 loader crane on a self-propelled tracked chassis, from Jekko an analogue of the mini crane JF545 lightweight model - without counterweight. It has the same options as the JF545: full control with a remote control, hydraulic activation for accessories, position geometry control with many options for stabilization, a lightened main boom, the ability to establish a working platform.

With 11.5 tonne capacity and a maximum working height of 30 meters, the JF365 mini crane delivers new heights in terms of performance, compact size and versatility.

Crawler mini crane JF365 Jekko manipulator

• Maximum load capacity - 11.5 tons
• Max. height - 30 m
• Max. working radius - 28 m
• Dimensions - 5.45 m (L) x 1.8 m (W) x 2.66 m (H)
• Boom - circular rotation 360°

The JF365 mini crane has a fixed base with lifting capacity up to 3 tons.
JF365 represents a further evolution in the Jekko mini crane range of manipulators. The JF365 mini crane is even more competitive in terms of size and efficiency due to the lack of counterweight.

Мин кран JF365 Jekko

The JF365 Mini Crane Manipulator is ideal for specific operations where precision of movement is very important and space is limited, but is generally suitable for all those who wish to use the typical advantages offered by the crane in places inaccessible to the truck crane. Today, the market requires small machines, but which have the same carrying capacity as large counterparts. This approach provides advantages in logistics, service, ease of use, cost and potential. The new JF365 crane answers precisely these needs.

Features of the JF365 Mini Crane

- Areas of application
Due to its reduced dimensions and its own weight, JF365 crane is very useful not only in construction, but also in special lifting conditions, during repair and installation of additional building structures (superstructures, ventilation systems, insulation, etc.); in industrial areas - during repair or installation, where there is little space and work with heavy equipment; maintenance and service, utilities are also areas of use for JF365.
The JF365 Jekko mini crane with a vacuum manipulator is a very convenient tool for safe work on installation of large glass, translucent structures and panoramic lighting. The JF365 crane manipulator easily allows you to quickly perform panoramic lighting, move large glass, and install translucent structures - which are now widely used in modern architecture.

- Geometric Stability Control System (SCI)
The system automatically calculates the «stability level» (from 1-minimum to 4-maximum), monitoring the position of each outrigger - and displays information to the operator on a color display. Depending on this information, the operator controls the safety of the lift. This makes tipping the crane virtually impossible.

- Modern remote control and ease of operation
The crane manipulator JF365, like model JF545, has a convenient remote control for performing all work with one operator. Joining a jib, a manipulator for glass or panels, working platform for high-altitude work - all these options are also available in the JF365 model.
Two engines - diesel and electric - allow you to quickly switch between different operating modes, for example for indoor use.
The JF365 crane model contains instead of a counterweight a spacious box for tools and accessories.

Characteristics of the JF365 Jekko mini crane

JF365 Jekko Mini Crane Parameter Value
Dimensions 5.45 x 1.8 x 2.66 m
Stabilization Area 6.7 x 6.7 m
Crane Weight 12.3 tons
Engine KUBOTA V3307-CR-TE4B
Diesel Fuel yes
Power 55.4 kW (74 hp)
Main Winch 2600 kg, 60 m - Ø 12 mm, 36.5-47 m/min.
Max Outrigger Load 8500 kg
Max Track Load 0.65 kg/cm2
Travel Speed 2.5 km/h
Gradeability 20°

JF365 Jekko Mini Crane is a modern crane with a loading capacity of 11.5 tons. However, it has a modest size and is designed for work in a limited space.
- Thanks to the caterpillar chassis, the crane has increased cross-country ability.
- An additional electric motor allows you to work even indoors.
- A variety of attachments allows you to perform a wide range of tasks at the construction site.

Buy a JF365 crane with warranty and after-sales service you can from us. The company «Іnterbudtechnica» is the official representative of the Italian company Jekko in Ukraine.

You can see technical specification of Jekko mini-crane model JF365 by clicking on the the link:

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