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Mini crane JF30 Jekko - 995 kg

JF30 Jekko mini crane is the smallest crane with a lifting capacity of 995 kg

The most compact in size crane spider JF30 from Jekko with a maximum lifting capacity 995 kg and a working height of 8 meters.

The small overall dimensions and the minimum stabilization zone allows the use of mini-crane JF30 in the most cramped conditions. Ceilings and roofs of buildings, flights of stairs, any premises - there are no places where you could not use this crane. This is the smallest model in in the Jekko mini crane range of manipulators.

Mini crane manipulator JF30 Jekko

• Maximum lifting capacity - 995 kg
• Max. height - 8 m
• Max. working radius - 6.8 m
• Dimensions - 2.18 m (L) x 0.78 m (W) x 1.75 m (H)
• Boom - rotation 325°

Mini crane manipulator JF30 Jekko JF30 Mini Crane is the easiest to operate. The operator can be placed on the folding foot of the crane and control using the dashboard. Or, as an additional option, it is possible to control using a remote radio remote control.

Three telescopic boom sections make possible quite complex and accurate movements to move loads in a limited space.

The JF30 mini crane is powered by a 7.6 kW gasoline engine YAMAHA MZ 360. As an option, an additional electric drive module is possible for operation from the network (single-phase 50 Hz 220V-2 kW or three-phase 50 Hz 400V-4 kW).

The scenarios for using the JF30 mini-crane are very diverse - this includes restoration work, glazing, cottage construction, work in warehouses and after-sales service.
Optional attachments, such as vacuum manipulators for glass and panels, gripper manipulators for pipes and beams, further expand the range of tasks.

Applications and advantages of the JF30 mini crane

- Work in the room and small space
The extremely compact dimensions of the Jekko JF 30 mini-crane make it a versatile indoor crane. It easily passes into standard doorways, it can be lifted by freight elevators. And work from the mains makes the operator’s work even more comfortable.
For its transportation from object to object, small-sized vehicles are used.

- Auxiliary crane for work on roofs or ceilings
Due to its minimal dead weight and small stabilization area, the JF30 crane is often used as an auxiliary crane on floors or roofs of high-rise buildings. For example, when glazing large areas of high-rise buildings - when you need greater accuracy in the movement of goods, which is difficult to obtain from a tower crane.

- Installation of translucent structures and oversized glass
The JF30 Jekko mini crane with a vacuum manipulator is a very convenient tool for safe installation of large glass, translucent structures and panoramic lighting. The JF30 crane manipulator easily allows you to quickly execute panoramic lighting, move oversized glass, perform installation of translucent structures - which are widely used in modern architecture today.

- Economic expediency
The JF30 mini crane price is the smallest compared to other Jekko mini cranes. But this does not affect the functionality - this mini crane is able to perform complex tasks on a construction site.
Often losing a little in lifting capacity, which in practice is often excessive, the JF30 crane allows you to perform a wide range of tasks at a reasonable cost.

Characteristics of the JF30 Jekko mini crane

JF30 Jekko Mini Crane Parameter Value
Dimensions 2.18 x 0.78 x 1.75 m
Stabilization Area 3.37 x 3.37 m
Crane Weight 1.44 tons
Engine YAMAHA MZ 360 Petrol
Power 7.6 kW (10.4 Hp)
Main Winch 600 kg, 36 m - Ø 6 mm, 27-35 m/min.
Max Outrigger Load 1050 kg
Max Track Load 0.32 kg/cm2
Travel Speed 2.6 km/h
Gradeability 25°
JF30 Jekko Mini Crane is a miniature crane with a lifting capacity of 995 kg. It is ideal for lifting work indoors and in cramped spaces. The JF30 crane is easy to transport and can be installed on building floors or roofs.
Crane JF40 is cost-effective for a wide range of lifting operations.
You can buy the JF30 crane at «Іnterbudtechnica». We are the official representative of the Italian company Jekko in Ukraine.

You can see technical specification of Jekko mini-crane model JF30 by clicking on the the link:

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