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Mini crane SPX536 - Jekko (Italy)

Manufacturer: Jekko (Italy)
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The SPX536 Jekko mini crane is a multifunctional mini spider crane for lifting loads up to 3600 kg

The scope of the mini crane SPX536 Jekko - from small construction sites to large projects - is reliable, safe and versatile, it does an excellent job with any type of lifting work.

The SPX536 Jekko self-propelled mini crane is a mini spider crane on a crawler track, which impresses with the variability of its tasks with a sufficiently small size and weight.

Mini crane spider SPX536 Jekko

• Maximum load capacity - 3.6 tons
• Maximum working height - 18.5 meters
• Range of extension of a boom is 3,4-12,1 meters
• Dimensions - 4.15 m (L) x 1.10 m (W) x 1.96 m (H)
• Carry cargo in motion Pick&Carry - 2 tons
• The weight of a mini construction crane is 3.6 tons
• Boom - circular rotation 360°

This is the most balanced in functionality mini crane with a capacity of 3.6 tons in the line of Jekko self-propelled mini cranes (Italy).
Depending on the tasks performed, the boom of the crane can operate in a pulley or hook mode. The pulley head can be in three positions. Two different hook options - normal and hydraulically. Radio-controlled vacuum manipulator for 800 kg and manipulator for gripping pipes for 300 kg.

SPX536 Jekko Mini Crane can cope with a variety of tasks, because Jekko pays great attention to engineering innovation developments - understanding the needs of its customers.

Moreover, you can order some additional functions of the crane which are necessary for you.
Built-in radio-controlled hydraulic jib.
Additional winch with cable up to 125 meters.
White rubber tracks (non-marking) for indoor crane operation.
Additional hydraulic features for accessories.
Individual color of painting, choice of engine or crane configuration.

Mini crane spider Jekko SPX536 provides tangible benefits for the construction of facilities in places where it is impossible to accommodate large-sized construction equipment, for working indoors, and can also be used for pipe laying and glazing of buildings.

Jekko mini crane SPX536

Specifications of the SPX536 Jekko mini crane

Two boom modes - hook and pulley
- The mini crane boom can operate in pulley mode or hook mode.

Tilt the boom head
- Adjustable tilt of the boom pulley head - three positions.

Boom head - can work as a hook and as a pulley
- The tip of the stele works as a hook (2 different fastenings are possible).
- Or work in pulley mode.

Tilting tip of crane boom
- The boom tip can be fixed in three different positions by changing the angle of inclination.

Two hook options
- The usual hook for 800 kg.
- Or a hook with a 800 kg hydraulic lever.

Capture for pipes and glass
- Hydraulic vacuum gripper for glass, glass packs or flat surfaces for 800 kg.
- Hydraulic manipulator for pipes and beams 300 kg.

Pick&Carry function
- Function Pick&Carry - load capacity of 2 tons, which rotate 360°.

Electronic LMI (Load Moment Indicator)
- LMI system prevents overloading or overturning of the crane.
- Automatic control of the stability of the crane.
- Function Plug&Play - automatic troubleshooting.
- Compliance with safety requirements EN13000.

Electrical Power Supply
- Single-phase or three-phase electric motor for indoor crane operation.

Remote Control Panel
- Radio-controlled remote control with a large electronic display allows you to very accurately control both the boom of the crane and the movement on the tracks.
- WV «Virtual Wall» function. To avoid collisions and damage in confined areas or indoors, you can set the range of movement of the boom of the crane.

SPX536 Jekko Mini Spider Crane Specifications

Mini crane SPX536 Jekko Parameter value
Dimensions 4145 x 1100 x 1960 mm
Stabilization Area 4160 x 4160 mm
Counterweight 0
Engine KUBOTA D1105-E3B
Diesel Fuel Yes
Liquid Cooling Yes
Power 18.5 kW (25 hp)
Main Winch 900kg, 60m-Ø8mm, 4.6 m/min
Max Outrigger Load 2700 kg
Max Track Load 0.53 kg/cm2
Travel Speed 2.0 km/h
Gradeability 25°
Multi-functionality SPX536 Jekko mini crane allows you to perform a range of lifting work, even in limited spaces, significantly reducing the time of their implementation, thereby saving money.
The convenience of controlling a mini crane allows you to move loads of various dimensions as accurately and accurately as possible.

Specifications for the SPX536 Jekko mini-crane see the link:

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