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City Pumps 10018R, 10022R - Zoomlion

Manufacturer: Zoomlion (China)
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City Pump Zoomlion (China) is a compact and maneuverable Truck mounted pump specially designed for use in urban environments.

In 2008, Zoomlion acquired the Italian company CIFA, whose technologies are used in the production of Zoomlion Truck mounted pumps in an attractive price range.

The City Pump pump unit is represented by two models: 10018R with a maximum concrete supply pressure of 18 MPa; and the 10022R model with a pressure of 22 MPa. It is designed for efficient and long-lasting concrete delivery in various conditions.

The models of Truck mounted pumps 10018R, 10022R City Pump, Zoomlion are specially designed for fast movement in the city, they are mobile, reliable and trouble-free. The superstructure of the Truck mounted pump is installed on a 2-axle chassis of both European and Chinese manufacturers.

Truck mounted pumps 10018R, 10022R City Pump of the well-known Corporation for the Production of Construction Equipment Zoomlion are developed by innovative technologies of professional technicians of the CIFA plant (Italy) and the Zoomlion plant (China) on the basis of high-quality components of well-known world manufacturers.

City Pump Zoomlion is a powerful, reliable, state - of-the-art Truck mounted pump for the most demanding concrete delivery tasks.

City Truck mounted pump City Pumps 10018R, 10022R-Zoomlion

City Pump Zoomlion is widely used in various fields of construction of infrastructure facilities and laying of communications.
A wide model range of Truck mounted pumps manufactured by ZOOMLION Corporation allows you to choose a Truck mounted pump for any of your tasks.

Characteristics of the City Pump Zoomlion Truck mounted pump

ModelAdd-in 10018RAdd-in 10022R
Diesel engineDeutzDeutz
Engine power186/2100 kW / (rpm)186/2100 kW / (rpm)
Max. concrete output100/55 m3/h90/35 m3/h
Max. concrete pumping pressure180/100 bar220/120 bar
Cylinder size200 x 1650 mm230 x 1600 mm
Concrete feed heightup to 205 metersup to 250 meters
Horizontal concrete feed distanceTo 1100 metersto 1300 meters
Hopper capacity600 l600 l
Hydraulic water pump for washing the Truck mounted pump after work70 l / min - 20 bar
70 l / min - 20 bar
Concrete feed regulator on the control panel
Vibrator mounted on the grid of the loading hopperOptionOption
Hydraulic circuitOpen typeOpen type
Electric grease pump
Control Panel
Remote controlWith 20 m cableWith 20 m cable
Fuel tank175 l175 l
Oil tank720 l720 l
Water tank200 l200 l
Engine failure alarm sound
Booster pipe with elbows, joints, and seals
Washing ball2 pcs.2 pcs.
Concrete pipe diameter125 mm125 mm

Advantages of the City Pump Zoomlion Truck mounted pump

Stability of the City Pump Truck mounted pump
• The stability of the City Pump Truck mounted pump is ensured by a hydraulic system with double pumps and double circuits: the pumping and distribution systems are driven by two independent pumps, which ensure more stable and trouble-free operation of the Truck mounted pump.
• The introduction of adaptive concrete feed control technology significantly reduces the frequency of blockages.

Smart and Efficient
• Intelligent control system: advanced technology, easy operation and high reliability of the electrical system.
• Hydraulic low / high pressure mode switching: the high / low pressure operating mode is easily changed by pressing a button.
• The management duplication strategy ensures the safety, stability and continuous operation of the pumping system.
• Real-time self-check of faults, provides full control over the condition of the Truck mounted pump.

Easy maintenance of the Truck mounted pump
• The modular design of the equipment simplifies repair and maintenance.
• Easy assembly and disassembly of Truck mounted pump units.
• Quick replacement of the Truck mounted pump piston: the pistons can be easily replaced by one operator without any special tools in 15 minutes. The hydraulic cylinder has an additional stroke that allows the piston to exit the cylinder.

Reliable, long service life
• The mixer mechanism is made of wear-resistant materials, and the mixing blades are made of cast steel with high wear resistance, which ensures a longer service life.
• High reliability parts and components of Truck mounted pump.
• Long service life of consumable parts.

The variability of configurations to fit Your needs
• The possibility of various configurations of the Truck mounted pump and high-quality components.
• Options for installation on a 2-axle chassis of both European and Chinese manufacturers, which allows you to reduce the price.

Financial saving and energy saving
• Operating costs are much lower than for Truck mounted pumps in the same range.
• The City Pump Zoomlion Truck mounted pump is adapted to work in cold climates.

City Pump ZOOMLION Truck mounted pumps (China) have not only updated European design and quality, but also use high-quality components from well-known world manufacturers:

Hydraulic system configuration
Main hydraulic pumpRexrothGermany
Constant pressure pumpRexrothGermany
Main hydraulic valveRexroth/parker/atos/duplumatic Germany/USA/Italy 
Hydraulic ValveRexroth/parker/atosGermany/USA/Italy
Hydraulic MotorEaton/Xinfa/ZhongyiUSA/CHINA
Pressure reducing valveRexrothGermany
Electrical system configuration
InterrupterLsSouth Korea
Remote ControlHBCGermany
Switch Ifm/baumer/kr  Germany/swiss 
Non-contact switch for water tankbaumerGermany
Touch ScreenSchneiderFrance

Detailed configuration of the steel concrete pipeline with a length of50 meterswith a diameter of 125 mm:

- steel concrete pipeline length 3000 mm-13 pcs.
- steel concrete pipeline length 2000 mm - 3 pcs.
- steel concrete pipeline length 1000 mm-4 pcs.
- adapter length 300 mm-1 pc.
- elbow 90° R=1000 - 3 PCs.
- elbow 90° R=500 - 2 PCs.
- 45° elbow R=500 - 1 piece.
- knee 30° R=500 - 1 piece.
- knee 15° R=500-1 pc.
- clamp No. 1 - 30 pcs.
- clamp No. 2-2 pcs.
- rubber gasket No. 1 - 35 pcs.
- rubber gasket No. 2-3 pcs.
- rubber end hose 4000 mm - 1 pc.

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