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CIFA is confidently looking into the new 2020!

CIFA is a company that has been developing, manufacturing and disseminating innovations in the field of concrete engineering for 90 years.

CIFA is a complete range of products for the production, transportation and pouring of concrete.
The company constantly invests in research and development, as well as in unprecedented quality standards. Today, CIFA is even more attentive to people and the environment and has its own «code of ethics». Researching and implementing best practices in green building is a true CIFA mission.
Today, the company has a wide distribution network with international partners, branches and service workshops that make CIFA an outstanding brand, synonymous with warranty and reliability.

«Interbudtechnica» is the official exclusive CIFA dealer in Ukraine!

We guarantee the shortest time of production and delivery of CIF equipment to Ukraine!

CIFA is confidently looking into the new 2020!