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Articulating boom lifts ZA20JE - Zoomlion

Manufacturer: Zoomlion (China)
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The ZA20JE Zoomlion articulating boom lift is a self-propelled electric lift with a load capacity of 250 kg and a working height of 21.5 meters.

The ZA20JE Zoomlion articulating boom lift is precise and smooth operation, high reliability, good load capacity - 250 kg, large working height 21.5 m, working radius - 11.45 m.

ZA20JE Zoomlion Lift development of the Zoomlion Concern, whose articulated boom provides access to hard-to-reach places.
The ZA20JE Zoomlion electric lift is environmentally friendly, with no harmful emissions, low noise, and is ideal for indoor use.

The efficient undercarriage AC drive system and the «lift / descent» electrical system provide high power and stable control. The electric motors do not require maintenance.
Independent auxiliary power system for greater safety.

The advanced dual control system ZA20JE lift (valve control + pump control) ensures energy-saving and efficient operation.
Superior power management system ensures longer battery life and longer battery life.

The on-board self-diagnosis system and the interactive human-computer interface take the ease of operation and maintenance to a new level.

The ZA20JE Zoomlion articulating boom lift is compact, perfectly balanced, has a low center of gravity and has great structural rigidity.

The articulated boom of the Zoomlion ZA20JE lift is equipped with an electric drive.
The quick lift system directly lowers the boom from the topmost position to the ground without folding the boom, this increases the working efficiency.
Despite the considerable working height, the boom has a minimal bend.

The ZA20JE lift is ideal for performing work in industry, logistics centers, warehouses, as well as construction.
It is especially useful when working indoors or in hard-to-reach areas where precise positioning is required.

The ZA20JE Zoomlion articulating boom lift has excellent performance, high reliability and easy maintenance.
Working platform 1.83 x 0.76 m allows you to comfortably perform various types of work at a considerable height.

The model range of Articulating Boom Lifts manufactured by ZOOMLION Corporation allows you to choose a lift with the necessary range of working heights.

ZA20JE Zoomlion lift with articulated boom, greatly improves the efficiency of high-altitude work.

Maximum working height21.5 m
Maximum lifting height of the platform19.5 m
Maximum working radius11.45 m
The amount of vertical ascent (descent)8.3 m
Platform length-D1.83 m
Platform width-E0.76 m
Total height
(folded) - C
2.56 m
Total length
(folded) - A
8.72 m
Total width
(folded) - B
2.49 m
Wheelbase - F2.52 m
Ground clearance
(center) - G
0.37 m
Load capacity250 kg
Driving speed6.1 km/h
Turning radius internal / external2.78 m / 5.49 m
Rotary support device360°
Platform rotation±90
Gradeability45% (24°)
Max. working slope3/5°
Max. wind speed12.5 m/s
Power fromBattery
24x2V /440 AH
Charger48 V / 60 A
Drive motorAC32V / 3.3 kW
Ascent / descent motorAC32V / 10 kW
Additional power12B DC
Hydraulic tank75 l
Tires33 x 12 D610
Weight9,200 kg
ZA20JE - Zoomlion articulating boom lift Size chart - articulating boom lift ZA20JE-Zoomlion

Working diagram of the ZA20JE Zoomlion articulating boom lift

Working diagram of the ZA20JE Zoomlion articulating boom lift

Standard features of the ZA20JE, Zoomlion articulating boom lift

• All motion alarm.
• Proportional control.
• Control of the lift movement.
• Automatic leveling system.
• Emergency stop button.
• Over tilt protection system.
• Emergency descent system.
• On-board diagnostic system.
• 4.3-inch display.
• Load sensing system.
• Easy-to-use platform.
• Self-closing entry gate.
• Oscillating axle.
• Flip the pan of the engine.
• Flashing amber beacon.
• Horn.

Accessories and options - ZA20JE articulating boom lift, Zoomlion
- AC power to platform.
- Air line to the platform.
- Working platform 2.44 x 0.91 m.
- Non-marking tire.

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