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Truck mounted pumps Zoomlion

Model of auto­concrete­pump 36X-5Z  38X-5RZ  43X-5RZ  49X-6RZ  56X-6RZ  63X-6RZ  67X-6RZ 
Max. boom lifting height35.5 m37.1 m43 m49 m56 m62.6 m66.1 m
Min. boom opening height8.5 m8 m9.1 m12.9 m15.8 m16.7 m17.2 m
Max. boom horizontal length35.15 m32.8 m39 m43.7 m51 m57.6 m60.9 m
Number of boom sections5556666
Max. theorical output120 m3/h160 m3/h140 m3/h180 m3/h180 m3/h180 m3/h180 m3/h
Max. pressure on concrete70 bar80 bar70 bar113 bar113 bar113 bar113 bar
Intake hopper capacity550 l550 l550 l600 l600 l600 l600 l

Interbudtekhnika offers a wide range of auto-concrete pumps manufactured by ZOOMLION (China) with capacities from 120 to 180 m3/hour, which can be equipped with distribution booms from 36 to 101 meters.

It was the creation of a concrete pump with a 101 meter boom that added ZOOMLION Corporation once again to the Guinness Book of Records. The team of Zoomlion (China) worked on the development of structural elements and hydraulic units of a new model of a concrete pump, and the team of the company CIFA (Italy) on the development of the last 4 sections of the distribution boom, in the production of which carbon with a high modulus of elasticity was used.

Therefore, modern models of ZOOMLION concrete pumps (China) embody high quality, thanks to the use of innovative developments in industrial and technological parks, which the ZOOMLION Corporation possesses in China and Europe, including the CIFA industrial park in Italy.

ZOOMLION concrete pumps (China) have not only modern European design and quality, but also have a high-tech composition of high-quality components from well-known world manufacturers:

Main components
Main hydraulic pumpRexroth Germany 
 Basic design and outriggers ZoomlionChina
Transfer CaseJieChina
Swing gear Brevini / dinamicoil Italy
Hydraulic configuration
 Hydraulic Pump Group RexrothGermany
Hydraulic Boom PumpRexrothGermany
Hydraulic valve Rexroth / eaton / parker / atos  Germany / Italy / China 
Boom multivalveHawe / rexrothGermany
Outrigger multi-valveHydrocontrol / valvoilItaly
Balancing valveHawe / luen / rexrothGermany / Italy
MixerEaton / xinfaChina
Oil filterMp / internomanItaly / Germany
Electrical configuration
 Control panel HbcGermany
DisplaySchneider / IFMFrance / Germany
RelaySchneider / NΛISFrance / Japan
Switch Schneider / NKK / MOELLER  France / Japan / America 
SensorDanfoss / IFMDenmark / Germany

Distinctive features of Zoomlion concrete pumps

• High performance, reliability, practicality and small size;
• The possibility of installation on the chassis of both European manufacturers and Chinese, which affects the price reduction;
• Auto concrete pumps are adapted for work in cold climates;
• The ability to use in confined spaces due to the presence of the system of opening the boom «Z-shape» and «X-shape» outriggers;
• Convenient remote control of electrical equipment.