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Truck cranes, trailer cranes, load lifters, fire-fighting platforms KLAAS (Germany)

Since 2017 Interbudtechica (Kiev city) is the representative of the company KLAAS (Germany) - the world-famous manufacturer of truck cranes, trailer cranes, load lifters, truck-mounted platforms, truck-mounted fire-fighting platforms, ladder hoists - with the history of more than 80 years. KLAAS products, manufactured on modern equipment, meet all European standards of quality and safety and are exported all over the world.

We draw your attention to the advantages of automobile and trailer cranes KLAAS (Germany):
- Cranes are equipped with acsessories platforms for lifting 2, 3 people, gripping devices for tiles, pallets, solar batteries, etc.
- The presence of a jib (additional boom), with the possibility of horizontal positioning.
- Big working height up to 60 m and working radius up to 56 m.
- The ability to use cranes for lifting people to a height up to 43 m.
- Controlling the operation and movement of a crane by using radio control.
- Installation of a crane on 2-axle car chassis.
- Cranes work from independent diesel engine Kubota (Japan) with minimal fuel consumption.
- Excellent technical characteristics with ease of construction.
- High maneuverability and ease of operation.

When selecting a KLAAS crane, pay attention to the load capacity at the working heights on which the truck will perform its main tasks (but not on the lifting capacity of the crane at a working radius of 3 meters and a working height of 3 meters).

"Interbudtechnica" company offers:

  • KLAAS truck cranes with maximum load capacity up to 5000/6000 kg and maximum lifting height up to 60 m mounted on 2/3 axle chassis.
  • KLAAS trailer cranes with maximum load capacity up to 1500 kg and maximum lift height up to 33 m.
  • KLAAS load lifters with lifting capacity up to 400 kg and maximum lifting height up to 33 m (on trailer), up to 56 m (on chassis).
  • Fire-fighting platforms KLAAS for rescue operations, as well as lifting of the goods with the function of a fully-featured crane.

KLAAS cranes are used during installation, dismantling and repair of roofs, facades (installation of glass, sandwich panels, insulation of buildings, etc.); at house and cottage building (for lifting of building materials: roof tile, roofing felt, brick, etc., for lifting people and equipment).