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Articulating Boom Lifts

Max. working height15.8 m20.93 m16 m21.5 m
Max. platform lifting height13.8 m18.93 m14 m19.5 m
Loading capacity300 kg250 kg230 kg250 kg
Travel speed6.8 km/h6.1 km/h6.1 km/h6.1 km/h
Power from Diesel engine Battery
Kubota, Deutz
36 kW /
2600 rpm
36 kW /
2600 rpm
24 x 2 V /
320 A·h
24 x 2 V /
440 A·h
Fuel tank capacity65 l150 l--
Weight7 100 kg11 000 kg6 800 kg9 200 kg

Articulated self-propelled diesel and battery lifts manufactured by Zoomlion (China) type ZA;
platform height: 14.18 and 20 meters;
carrying capacity: 230 kg, 250 kg, 300 kg.

The main advantages of the ZA type Zoomlion

- Multi-port control valve and dual control system (pump control + valve control) make the work more efficient and the lifts move more smoothly.
- Self-dropping weight system and independent emergency power system can save more energy and improve operating safety.
- 5 years lithium battery warranty, battery life is 3 times longer than lead acid battery. Maintenance-free. Fast charging time (50%), the ability to work at temperatures down to -20°. The BMS system and the whole machine control system protect the battery safety.
- Unique interactive human-computer interface and self-diagnosis system.
- The use of robotic highly intelligent manufacturing facilities.
- Tests according to European and global standards: Static stability test, EMC Test, Dynamic stability test, Center of gravity position and load tests on four wheels, Load capacity test, Boom deflection test, Grading, Structural stress test, Driving, Testing hydraulic oil solids contamination, Performance curve testing, Reliability testing, Vibration and noise testing, Fatigue testing, Hydraulic performance testing.
- An efficient support system for quality service with an optimized system for the quick delivery of accessories and spare parts.

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